Building An App in 30 Days 🤯

Is it even possible?

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Building An App in 30 Days 🤯

After getting quoted a minimum of £25,000-60,000 to build a new web application for my company, I decided to f*ck it and build it all myself.

In just 14 days of coding (or “no-coding” with Bubble, a code-automation platform), I got our site from dodgy iPad sketch to fully functional.

I know so many people with ideas, too scared to execute.

No-coding offers a fast and free method to get your idea out there. The customisation options are crazy and once you understand database structures, you can build just about f*cking anything.

It’s also another great example of bullsh*t work: I see so many startups/developers waste months and millions building unsophisticated/overcomplicated products. In just 14 days, we’ve been able to shortcut all of that nonsense and get a product out to market.

I remember at my last startup, my technical cofounder wasted ~6 months building a (quite ugly) tech platform. I always felt like it was taking too long but figured “that’s just how it’s done.”

No-code is changing the game (at last).

I’ve been documenting my journey with daily vlogs / posts so if you’re interested in building something (for £ or fun), check it out!

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Something To Make You Think 🤔

What are you overcomplicating?

The default “way to do things” is often overcomplicated by “experts” trying to sell you something, or so out-of-touch they can’t explain things simply anymore.

Take coding - if you use Java or C+, even getting a basic login page up and running takes several hours because you have to learn this weird, abstract programming language and things don’t do what you expect them to do.

Bubble (the no-code platform), on the other hand, makes it easy. If you want a button to take you to a certain page, you click the button, and say “when clicked —> go to this page.”

It’s literally that simple, no bullsh*t, and cuts your development time to shreds.

I ask myself “What am I overcomplicating?” whenever a process/task feels hard.

For instance, when I was learning the piano, I was initially overwhelmed by all the music theory and terminology, trying to learn scales and major chords.

But when I took it back to basics, I just wanted to play a few epic pieces.

To do that, I just needed to know the basics of reading sheet music. This note is an A, this means it’s an A sharp, this means pause, etc.

Then I just sat down to play for 1-2 hours every day and a month later I was banging out Tiersen, Einaudi and Skatie.

Starting a business is as simple as find some customers, sell them a product or service. Getting fit is as simple as finding a physical activity you’ll enjoy training 3-5 times a week 🤷🏽‍♂️

So…what are you overcomplicating?

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Extremely Interesting Fact 🤓

Pink is for girls. Blue is for boys.

Nope, just another century-old marketing scam.

Pre-Victorian era, gender and colour were totally unrelated.

Then the Victorians decided that pink was for boys and blue was for girls.

Pink was linked to warrior-like blood red, whereas blue was linked to the Virgin Mary:

Then post-WWII, a bunch of marketers convinced the world through a series of press publications that actually pink was for girls, and blue for boys…likely in an attempt to sell a new line of gender-specific baby clothes.

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