How Binary Thinking Is Ruining Your Life

Embrace the fuzz, life is never A or B — there’s so much in between

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How Binary Thinking Is Ruining Your Life ✍️

As an executive coach, 90% of my work is helping founders/CEOs realise it’s not just Option A vs Option B.

There’s also Option C, D and f*cking Z if you just opened your eyes a bit.

“I’m gonna work hard till I’m 40then retire and go travelling!”

“Should I start my own business or get a job?”

“I missed a couple workouts so I’ve gone back to kebabs and masturbation.”

These are all examples of extremist binary thinking.

But life is in the nuance.

If you can move past binary thinking, the world goes from black and white to wonderfully polychromatic - and you’ll see opportunities you were previously blind to.

Spotting and killing binary thoughts has helped me make quantum leaps in my personal fulfillment and career.

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Something To Make You Think 🤔

There’s Option A and Option B. But is there an Option C, D or Z hiding in between the two extremes?

I’ve made so many breakthroughs here, personally and with clients.

I always thought it was travel vs work - but now I work while I travel.

I always thought it was committed romance or meaningless sex - but there are romantic flings and committed sex.

Look for the in-between options - they might surprise you 👀

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Extremely Interesting Fact 🤓

I’ve always wondered why siblings and even identical twins turn out sooo different.

Speaking to Dr Gabija, Neuroscience PhD and bestselling author, this week on the podcast I found the answer.

If one sibling has a slight edge in something, the other will spin off to find their own “thing”.

I was better than my brother at school so he got into skateboarding and making jokes. And from there, diverging life experiences compound till you get two totally different personalities, even with identical DNA.

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