How I make £50,000/year working 4 hours a week

And how you can, too (with surprising ease…)

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How I make £50,000/year working 4 hours a week

A few years ago I gave up over £1m in equity, leaving a company I’d cofounded to go travel the world.

For the next 3 years, I received a weekly influx of Instagram DMs along the lines of:

OmG dream life, i wish i could travel all the time, u r so lucky to be rich

The irony was: I hadn’t even cashed out my equity, my profit share payments weren’t due yet, and my puny cash savings were locked away in investments.

As far as my bank balance was concerned, I was BROKE AF

And yet apparently I was still living someone’s supposed “dream lifestyle” — travelling carefree, learning new skills, and eating like a pig.

Well, here’s how I financed it…

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Something To Make You Think 🤔

What does a 10 look like?

I’ve found this question super useful in lifestyle, product, and systems design.

Instead of “working up” from where you are now, reverse-engineer from the ideal outcome (the “10”).

For instance, 3 years ago I was stuck in a depressive rut in London with all the things that are supposed to make you happy (money, successful company, a six-pack, etc.) but empirically never do…

(Wow, how cliché)

Instead of making micro-optimisations to my life, like taking more baths or getting more therapy, I decided to start at the “10”.

Ideally, no constraints, what would I be doing day-to-day?

What is my 10/10 lifestyle?

The answers were: continuous learning, writing, making art, travelling, DMCs in DMRs, great sex, living in a hot country and making lots of money for people who actually need it.

And then I set off to make those things a reality…

Still a work in progress, but it shocked me out of my rut and forced me face-to-face with the raw truth: I was living someone else’s dream, and I would have to give up everything I’d worked so hard for if I wanted to start living my own 🤷🏽‍♂️

What does your 10 look like?

Hit reply with your answer! 👇

Extremely Interesting Fact 🤓

Babies have tails. They develop around week 6 of gestation - a freaky artefact of evolution.

Most tails disappear before birth, as the tail skin is “absorbed” into the fetus…and all that’s left is your tailbone (or coccyx).

But some babies with vestigial tale condition hold on to their precious tale:

Other vestigial features include wisdom teeth and your appendix. Totally useless now, but evolutionarily advantageous if you wind back a few dozen millenia.

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