How I Save £3000/yr With 1 Simple Email Negotiation Script

Dark magic negotiation — Get refunds on unused subscriptions, free smartphones & £100s in discounts

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How I Save £3000/yr With 1 Simple Email Negotiation Script ✍️

My mum is the most ruthless bad*ass negotiator I know.

She’s sued huge corporations like BMJ and secured £1000s in refunds, getting past even the strictest refund policies.

Over the years, I’ve translated her aggressive negotiation tactics into 1 simple email negotiation script.

I’ve used it to save £884 on a mobile phone contract, get a free Samsung Galaxy watch (RRP £300), and secure literally £1000s in discounts/refunds for me and my companies.

Don’t let big corporates bully you around with high prices and manipulative subscriptions.

Use my email script and get your money back!

You’ll also learn about some of the “dark magic” negotiation techniques I observed working with a sociopath CEO & what to do if companies refuse your demands!

Give it a read, and save yourself a small fortune…

👉 The full article (7 min read): How I Save £3000/yr With 1 Simple Email Negotiation Script ✍️

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