How To Screw Up Your Life

The insidious problem of premature optimisation…

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School. Exams. Grades. Choose random major. Choose random career. Choose random partner. 😩

Life rushes us into high-stakes investments without a second’s breath to reflect: are we making the right decision?

This is the insidious problem of premature optimisation…

It’s a computer science concept — a warning against prematurely optimising a piece of code you might not actually need.

It's how I ended up studying Economics with no idea what economists even do. And how I fell into startup entrepreneurship because what else is there outside law & finance!?

Your twenties isn't a career ladder; it's a giant, spiraling cobweb of connecting dots and exploring options.

Find out how to beat premature optimisation, without falling into the trap of perpetual FOMO 👀

The full article here (5 min read) 👉 How To Screw Up Your Life

Something To Make You Think 🤔

Consider the different areas of your life. Where are you overinvesting? And where are you underinvesting?

Lately I’ve spent too much time working on stuff I don’t care about. I’ve cut my workday to 6 hours (I usually work more but only because it’s so fun). And literally cut out all the things I don’t care about, even if they make £££. I’ll take freedom over money any day of the week ✌️

And I haven’t spent enough time nurturing my creativity. I’ve written two screenplays I need to film; I have songs stuck in my head I need to compose; I have artistic visions I need to paint!

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Squirrels use their tails as umbrellas:

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My co-founder Ollie and I just launched the High Performance 4 Lazy People (HP4LP) podcast.

Check it out - we’ve got episodes on meaningful conversations, scientifically increasing your luck and getting rich slowly.

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