Why are you working so much? 🥱

How “working hard” is actually killing your productivity

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Why are you working so much? 🥱

I make £50,000/year working literally 4 hours a week.

I spend the rest of my time having fun: growing my business (yes, for fun — I take no salary & never will), travelling, advising/investing, acroyoga, art etc.

In this new series, Why Are You Working So Much? 🥱, I’ll teach you how to make more money by working less and having more fun!

Over the next year, I’ll be developing this series into a full book 📖 by the same title but you’ll be the first to read it as a Steroids For Your Brain supporter!

We start by casually debunking the bullsh*t myth that hardwork = success…

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Something To Make You Think 🤔

Why are you working so much?

No, the answer cannot be money.

No one f*cking works for money; they work for the things money can buy.

Seriously, try to answer the question properly.

Most clients I quiz on this come up with BS answers like: “I want a good life for my family.”

Right…but wouldn’t your family prefer to see you in the evenings? Wouldn’t that mean more to them than a second car or holiday home in France?

Other BS answers include: “Well living costs are high, especially in London.”

No they’re not lol. I live 15 minutes from Zone 1 in a f*cking penthouse and my rent is only £1100pcm. When I add on food and wine, my cleaner, subscriptions, daily adventures, my 20+ supplements and addiction to Kindle ebooks I never read, my total monthly costs still only get to £1800pcm…

Living costs are not high unless you inflate them. After all, you could always just move out of London lol - I have friends in Egypt, Mexico, Bali, living like kings on £500pcm.

I want you to get specific with your answers: what is the money really for? Or have you just been brainwashed to believe you “need” lots of money by a capitalist society?

I work 4 hours a week as an executive to cover my base living costs (~£1800pcm) and because I love coaching. Relying on coaching for my living costs also disentangles me from my business: the startup game isn’t so fun if you’re constantly worried you won’t be able to pay your bills.

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Extremely Interesting Fact 🤓

Dolphins never sleep.

At least, not fully.

For humans, breathing is automatic; but for dolphins it’s voluntary.

A dolphin must consciously decide to swim up to the surface and take a breather. Hard to do if you’re snoozing 😴

So instead, dolphins divide sleep between the two hemispheres of their brain.

While the left side of their brain sleeps, the right side keeps running; and vice versa.

I wonder if humans could do the same… 🤔

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As part of my new Why Are You Working So Much? 🥱 series, I want to know your problems with money / career / happiness etc.

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