Why money & comfort are making you unhappy

Making life more difficult, to make it more fulfilling

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Why money & comfort are making you unhappy

When I was a desperately poor 16-year-old, eating 5p reduced sandwiches from Sainsbury’s and waking up to snail infestations, money looked like the shiny answer to everything.

Society will let you believe this until you make enough money to realise it’s all one big hilarious scam…spinning morons (like you and me) round the capitalist cycle:

It’s not just that money doesn’t = happiness, it’s far worse: money often decreases happiness.

I’ve found that (ironically) living less comfortably on less money has actually increased my life fulfilment. Here’s how it could for you, too…

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Something To Make You Think 🤔

Is your life too easy? And if so, how might you reintroduce challenge?

As discussed in this week’s article, it’s too easy to get trapped in a cushy lifestyle.

Obviously, a cushy lifestyle sounds great but it’ll slowly grate away at you, as lack of challenge turns into lack of purpose and meaning…

A lot of us like to believe we’re challenging ourselves by doing lots of steps on a Stairmaster or working very long hours…but these aren’t challenging, as much as they’re boring.

A meaningful challenge (at least for me) is something that requires thinking, hustle, creativity (as well as discipline); and it’s very rarely about the external reward, it’s about the process.

Home-cooking a new meal every day has been a wonderful source of challenge for me - from gyoza to bolognese to apple & chilli risotto, I’ve made ‘em all from scratch. Results have varied but the process has always been deeply rewarding.

Starting a company with no money, learning a new language/instrument, cycling instead of Ubering etc. - all great ways to reintroduce challenge.

So, is your life too easy? And if so, how might you reintroduce challenge?

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Extremely Interesting Fact 🤓

Here is a duck penis:

Duck mating is brutal, with male ducks often choosing rape to propagate.

Female ducks subsequently “counter-evolved” labyrinthic vaginas, with many twists, turns and dead ends to prevent impregnation.

To get round this…male ducks then “counter-evolved” these long, corkscrew penises, to navigate female ducks’ vaginas (and outdo competing male ducks who often simultaneously grapple over the same female target).

It’s quite terrifying to think about but so characteristic of evolution.

It’s what drives all of society: you have a bachelors, so I get a bachelors, then you get a Masters, so I get a Masters, and then we’re back where we started but both broke af.

Branded clothing, silly cars, goofy watches, makeup, work hours - as soon as one party takes a step forward, everyone must follow to keep pace…and just like that, we’ve walked a full mile in the wrong direction.

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