Why You Make Terrible Life Choices 👇

How to find your values & calculate life’s crossroads

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Why You Make Terrible Life Choices ✍️

Age 0 to 16 you make (almost) zero important life choices.

Then you hit 16 and suddenly all you do is make important life choices…

What A Levels do I pick? Which universities do I apply to? Job or masters? Which job? Which masters? Which partner? Etc.

And asking adults doesn’t help either.

“So what should I do?” is a terrible question.

It’s like asking your maths teacher “What’s the answer?” instead of “How do I find the answer?”

Rather than furiously copy-and-pasting what everyone else is doing, here’s a 3-step framework to make the best life decisions for you 👇

👉 The full article (6 min read): Why You Make Terrible Life Choices

Something To Make You Think 🤔

Consider the different areas of your life. Where are you overinvesting? And where are you underinvesting?

Lately I’ve spent too much time working on stuff I don’t care about. I’ve cut my workday to 6 hours (I usually work more but only because it’s so fun). And literally cut out all the things I don’t care about, even if they make £££. I’ll take freedom over money any day of the week ✌️

Meanwhile, I haven’t spent enough time nurturing my creativity. I’ve written two screenplays I need to film; I have songs stuck in my head I need to compose; I have artistic visions I need to paint!

Extremely Interesting Fact 🤓

Eagles “mate” while freefalling in spirals through the sky. Talk about kinky:

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Check it out - we’ve got episodes on meaningful conversations, scientifically increasing your luck and getting rich slowly.

Each episode is a lesson with actionable homework at the end. And upcoming episodes include: Royal Marines commando who changed career to tech CEO; the Neuroscience professor who does 1000 pullups a day on brain optimisation; and the Guinness World Record Holder for Guinness World Records…

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